Today the Department of Awesome Natural Phenomena presents this stunning time-lapse video, created by photographer and volunteer fire lookout , of San Francisco Bay area’s famous fog rolling in to envelop the landscape, illuminated by the last August’s supermoon:

"The Bay Area is famous for its dense fog, and when you’re in it the fog is cold and grey. But there’s another side to the fog and the only way to see what happens when it fully comes in and blankets the SF Bay Area at night is to be above it. Because Mt. Tam is closed to everyone but rangers and fire lookout volunteers after sunset, very few people have ever seen the majestically mysterious vapors of the Pacific ocean as it flows in to completely cover the Bay. What starts as a partial blanket quickly rushes in to fill the gaps and by 1am, the lights of the cities below eventually become completely smothered."

Click here for an article about how Yost created this fantastic video.

[via io9 Space]